March 16, 2022No Comments

Gluten in Spirits: Lying to Your Face

Did you know that NEARLY ALL distilled spirits are gluten-free? In 2020, the FDA ruled that as long as no gluten is added after distillation, distilled spirits can be labeled as gluten-free. That's right - even if they're made from grains containing gluten. No gluten makes it through the distillation process.

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March 2, 2022No Comments

Local RUM Isn’t Marooned on a Container Ship

We get it. Really. We have Amazon accounts too. I know, I know, we rail against big box stores and the preference to go local all the time. But the prospect of having your toilet paper delivered to your house every month on the same day is... appealing. Your other primary option is to go to some other big box store that, frankly, isn't all that different from Amazon.

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February 23, 2022No Comments

A Toast to the Future

The last two years have been... challenging. The still was first fired up in October 2019. We were still working our day jobs, knowing that we would miss the 2019 holiday season. Instead, we opted to charge forward into 2020 and really get the ball rolling then.

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