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Queen's Share Rum
Queen's Share Rum
Queen's Share Rum
Queen's Share Rum


Echo Spirits Queen's Share Rum contains the most flavorful parts of our normal rum, barrel-aged no less than 18 months in used bourbon barrels.

Due to the extremely limited nature of the Queen's Share, we only release new bottles every November, and when they're gone, they're gone until the following year.


54% Alc/Vol
108 Proof
750 ml

Tasting Notes

Tropical Fruit
Golden Raisins
Dried Apricot

Flavor Pairings

Herbal Liqueurs
Mulling Spices
Decadence & Indulgence


"Winning a Double Gold at San Francisco is like winning an Oscar. It's the highest honor at the most prestigious competition. It means that all ten judges grading your bottle scored it a gold. Out of the 4000 entries at the 2022 competition, less than ten percent won a Double Gold. Less than one percent went on to win a second Double Gold in 2023.

We think our Queen's Share Rum is some of the best rum in the world, and the judges in San Francisco think so too. Queen's Share release day is one of our favorite days of the year. After years of waiting, we get to share a special barrel with the people of Columbus. 

We put it out each year the week before Thanksgiving, a time when we're all trying to focus on all of the gifts we have in our lives. A way to celebrate friends, family, and gatherings.

We hope you like it as much as we do."


San Francisco World Spirits Competition

"Extremely fruity with aromas ranging from stone to tropical fruits. On the palate, the rum is sweet and features notes of golden raisin, tropical fruits, hints of peach and dried apricot, and butterscotch and caramel."

San Francisco World Spirits Competition

New York International Spirits Competition

New York International Spirits Competition

Let's talk heads, hearts, and tails

Let's Talk heads, hearts, and tails.

To know the Queen's Share, you must understand a little bit about distillation. Not all alcohol is created equal. Through the course of a day of distillation (a "run"), we get different types of alcohols and different flavor components coming off the still.

The heads - the most chemically volatile compounds, these boil at the lowest temperature and come off first, at a high proof. This section contains lots of chemical compounds important to flavor in whiskeys and brandies, but also contains a lot of nasties like methanol, which is an optic nerve poison, and other compounds that big industrial plants turn into chemicals like industrial floor stripper. Not stuff you want to drink a lot of.

The hearts - this is the good stuff. The ethanol. This comes off after the heads. It's the part we like to drink because it tastes good. In its purest form, it is odorless and tasteless other than being perceived as "sweet". This is what we save up and 90% of the alcohol that winds up in a bottle.

The tails - the least volatile compounds, this comes off the still last. Not as dangerous as the heads, but it also doesn't taste great. However, it DOES contain a lot of the chemical compounds important to rum flavor. 


This is where it gets interesting. Our still is, frankly, inefficient. Don't get us wrong, we love it! And unless you have one of the giant, 3-story bourbon-country stills, they're all somewhat inefficient.

Inefficiency, in this case, means that the heads, hearts, and tails sort of "smear" into each other. In particular, it means there is a decent amount of the good ethanol that blends into the heads and tails. For many of the spirits we make, this just means we toss the heads and tails back into the next distillation to recover as much of the good stuff as we can.

But the Queen's Share is different.

Rather than putting the heads and tails back into each successive batch of rum, we save it all. After many, many batches of rum, we have enough heads and tails saved up to redistill on their own. After months of sitting and mingling, the good ethanol has had time to bond together with all of the good flavor compounds from the tails. By carefully distilling this blend, we can extract that ethanol and all of the flavor, yielding an even richer, more flavor-forward version of our rum.

We let this new spirit rest in barrels, most often former bourbon barrels, for no less than 18 months to create a rich rum that is fit for a queen.

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Stay In The Know

We’ll keep you updated on news, cocktail recipes, and launch parties. And anything else we think you might like.